I love this camera. It is grainy, tough and the pics are rarely sharp. The fact that I don't know how to use the camera properly (exposing more pictures than I develop) and that I grimace every time I have to pay to process the film could lead you to wonder why I just don't whip out the D90 and shoot sharply for free?

I guess I like this camera because it reminds me of the way we like to do these trips, tough, optimistic and with varying results. I can't think of one that we were fully prepared for, can't think of a time we finished a trip unscathed in some way. This trip taught me a few things about how to tackle challenges in the future. From the balance between being a dreamer and being prepared, to the value of every member of a team, most of all it taught us (maybe minus Bryan) the need to read the fucking manual every now and again. 

The sharp pictures will follow, but here are some half frame pics that I chopped to make single pictures.