Bored, uninspired and on the brink of self destruction, I sit at my desk looking for a way out. How could I do it? Bludgeon myself with a stapler? too violent. Stab myself with my pen? no pen. But that mouse, that small little bastard who begs for my attention every day. My physical connection to this shit we call the internet and my modern day work, yes my friend, you will do.

Through creativity I drop my inattention to the world. I am a tourist in my own town, I am on vacation in my own home. I love those around me harder. I am one with myself and am happy being alone. When I throw on my headphones, I drop my pretense, let go of my ego and realize there is only one life to live. Photography, nature, music, suffering and my family help me get there and that love and freedom is what this is all about.

The pictures aren't professional they are just what I see and what I like. As I learn the site will evolve. As I forget the site will inevitably deteriorate.